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Hi guys…

Here’s some rainy day readin’ and a new video to watch ;0)  I’m just sittin’ tight over here, waitin’ on the Ohio Senate to respond ;0/  Hopefully all goes well…but in the meantime, just wanted to get on and:

  1. Tell you a lit-tle bit about what’s going on with the legislative mental-health advocacy stuff — i.e. why I’m waiting to hear back from the state legislative branch, specifically, with a brief 101 on government/history (courtesy of yours truly ;0)-
  2. And then also about my upcoming speaking event at Denison University — i.e. the best, most awesome and wonderful alma mater ever + my “clue” idea for the sociological mystery frame through which I’m going to tell my mental-health story (+ a shoe preview for the prep event tomorrow night!!); and,
  3. I also share with you a passage from a letter I recently received from one of my awesome constituents (I’m pretty sure that’s a word mmm…yes I am..);
  4. And then in closing, I briefly mention the awesome activity plan I’ve come up with for my 3-year-old niece’s 2nd Annual Birthday Tea Party Event ;0)

Pretty exciting stuff..  ;0P

Well, it’s a rainy day here anyways you know!

Hope you all are doing well and thanks again for reading Jane Says ;0)

All my love to you..



PS – 4/8/2014 UPDATE:  There’s actually a blurb at the very front of the video wherein I talk about “scatterbrain” mode – it’s a place in the creative-process/bipolar-I-cycle sphere that’s akin to A.D.D. except, “A.D.D.” leaves out the good part (i.e. that this is the phase just before some seriously productive creation begins to take place).  Just FYI…  I prolly forgot because I was in scatterbrain-mode when I recorded this video and wrote the blurb above (hah…hence the A.D.D. part ;0)-