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Reflection from July 19th, 2007 @ Age 26

Did I ever tell you the story about how my Grandpa supposedly invented the tile they now use on the tips of spacecrafts?  It’s true!  (As far as I know…)  Now, I’m really not sure where these kinds of stories come from but I’ll tell you what!  From what I know of my Grandpa…I’d bet it’s true!  Well, and then the story continues such that somebody stole the idea from my Grandpa and made millions and left my Grandpa to die with the black lung from having worked the coal mines for so many years.  And that, I can most definitely believe!  I don’t like to be cynical but ‘people’, in general, have not been on my good side lately.  Especially what with this apartment mess with my former employer (you know…the ol’ automatic renewal clause in the lease that nobody or very few, I’m sure, remember about…the setup of which I am sure is meant to reap said results).

I don’t like being disappointed by people…but does that mean that I should lower my expectations of all people?  Should I have no expectations of people?  Should I have some expectations of some people and none or a different amount for others?  How am I supposed to figure all this out?  With time, I suppose.