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Reflection from August 29th, 2007 @ Age 26

RE:  Freedom to Judge as Synonymous with Willingness to Help. 

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking today and actually have been harboring some intense anger as it relates to the world in general.  For example, my mom was telling my father and I at dinner today how some lady got robbed by three guys in the parking garage of the government building my mom is currently working at.  And she was saying how everyone is now scared and what terrible people these guys must be, and it really upsets me in the sense that—here are these people making judgments about these other people, when they don’t even know the whole situation, they don’t even know one whole day-in-the-life—and here they are making judgments about these guys but no one ever takes it one step further and asks, how did these guys get into this situation that they are so f@#king desperate that they actually become willing to rob some old lady of some amount of cash that I’m sure was relatively insubstantial.  It frustrates me how people are so quick to judge—but when it comes to helping other people find ways out of these desperate situations, no one’s f@#king interested.  People have no problem putting they’re two-sense (or no-sense I think I might call it) in—but when it comes to making some sort of substantial contribution they’re no f@#king place to be found.  It makes me so angry!