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Hi guys!!  I’ve been up all night!  Yep!  Working on Jane Says I have been!!

also made a new video for you ;0)  It’s my first “official” upside series video—namely, explaining one of the many reasons (I’m sure I will come up with ;0) as to why being a person who’s been labeled “mentally ill” is actually, a good thing!

In this particular video, I talk about the phenomenon at the olympics with these runners you sometimes see—where the one is trailing behind and then kicks on the turbo-amp and fires ahead all the others to win the race..

That‘s sort of what it feels like—mental-health recovery, I mean.  Or rather, what makes you extraordinary if you are a neuro-atypical to begin with, and then figure out how to overcome your weaknesses.  It’s very hard to explain…you just have to see..

Hope it makes some sense!  And remember—we are practicing positive leadership examples so as to support our children who too, are “different”.  Don’t forget—but otherwise, I think that’s it!!