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Hi guys..

Here’s a new video I made for you, wherein I talk about what it’s like to be “different”—namely, expressing these few points:

  1. What bipolar “cycles” are—what they mean in terms of sensory input and behavioral output, and the interplay between the “cycles” and the creative process;
  2. What it means to be in the “scatterbrained” state of the bipolar cycle/creative process—the interrelation of same with sensory input and processing, the potential negative consequences which can stem therefrom into my behavioral output, and coping mechanisms to overcome the downward mental spiral; and
  3. Discrepancies in perception of external stimuli as between “normal” persons and persons who’ve been labeled with “mental illness”—the effects of sociological stigma on my own mental health, how I work to overcome them, and why I continue to post my raw creative content on Jane Says despite the potential consequence of negative judgment from others (i.e. to set a positive example for children who too, are “different”).



Hope it’s helpful in illuminating some of these mental-health related issues—let me know if you have any feedback.