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Reflection from June 6, 2011 @ Age 29

Sometimes, when growing up, we have to act like we are something in order to become it.  I just want to remember that, the period in which we are acting is so important!  Because one day, if we keep trying, we will become those things that we seek to be—we will change and we will grow, it will hopefully be a wonderful thing; but then, we will never be the same.  Growing pains are hard, but maybe they should remind us more that we are about to be leaving where we are now, and we need to enjoy the last moments while they last, rather than reveling only in the discomfort that comes with.  Maybe the pain should be a warning sign, but a good one, telling us to enjoy every last moment, because, when we move on, we move on forever, and must inevitably leave behind the good parts of our past.