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Hi guys!  Here’s my latest video wherein I speak about what’s going on with my legislative-advocacy efforts here in Ohio.  I get into my hope for inclusion as it relates to same, despite being a person considered “seriously mentally ill” by this society and that sort of thing…(ahh and excuse the freeze-frame at the beginning, please ;0)-

Also, I wanted to let you know that there’s a chance I might be mentioned in The Columbus Dispatch (!!) in this Sunday’s paper ;0)  So we’ll see what happens and fingers crossed and here’s to the mentally-ill kids who we might be able to save

The article is supposed to help illuminate the opposing side to this pending mental-health legislation here in Ohio, the mental-health consumer side which is very much so often ignored.  So I’m pretty excited about that!  It’s a little scary doing the media thing, talking to a reporter for the first time and not really knowing what they are going to do and how they are going to craft the story and that sort of thing.  But here’s to hopin’ for the good of humanity ;0)  Ahhhhhh boy!!

Well, either way, we’ll shortly see :0P  God help me FDC!!!