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WRITTEN 3/30/2008 @ AGE 26

There are moments etched into my memory that, upon recollection, lead me inevitably to believe that Dave loved me.  Not the kind of love that is temporary or circumstantial; the kind of love that runs deep through your veins and infiltrates every crevice of your loving heart.  The kind of love that should rule as an empire and lead wars of peace and prosperity and acceptance of all humankind.  The kind of love that makes living in this world worthwhile.  The kind of love that divides us not in our suffering but brings us together so we do not have to face life on our own.  The kind of love that every child should be born out of.  If I am honest and I look deep within my heart and my mind, I know that Dave loved me in the same fundamental way that I love him.  In the same soul bearing, heart wrenching, bittersweet way I too love him.

So often I want to believe that fairytales don’t come true, but then I look to my brother Christopher and my sister-in-law Aaliyah and my faith is renewed.  Their love, is a love worth living for.  The anticipation and restored hope for a love like theirs will lead me on through my own darkness.  I will not always be blind; I will not always live in the darkness.  My time is coming, I must be patient, but above all I must not lose hope.  As is their love, my hope is undying.