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Well, I’m sitting here trying to wrangle my ideas into writing for a speaking outline to use next Tuesday at the OACBHA Mental Health Conference, but my mood is so chalked full of melancholy at the moment, I think I might die here momentarily from a flatlined heart split broken in two.  I’m not sure what to do.

The goal is to speak to recovery in mental illness, myself being bipolar and my recovery being, well, in this curious place where I’ve never once found it before.  So my mind is blown open and the wind and gush of ideas are freezing me out of action…and accordingly, I’m so very thankful I got online to warm up with JaneSays, because I remembered on the way my brother telling me what Disney did.

What they did, was release Elsa’s soundtrack “Let It Go” from their movie “Frozen” online at YouTube.  This is quite possibly the best part of the movie, just above the following scene when Elsa’s sister Anna is searching for her in the depths of the freezing darkness of the winter Elsa’s created, and Anna says – “I never knew winter could be so beautiful“.  I have to keep that in mind, while I continue working on these advocacy efforts.

While everyone may love my warm, bubbly, generous, uber productive, effortlessly social and euphorically inspired manic side…my darker side has great strength too.  The greatest strength even, I’d say of the two.  It’s just more powerful and therefore more dangerous and harder to handle.  But that’s not to say it cannot be done – I know I can figure this out…

And so forward on I march — but in the meantime, here’s Elsa’s song…