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Well, here is my conversation today with the pharmacist at Giant Eagle.  I recorded it so I would have an ulterior purpose which I could focus on (i.e. making a post for my blog) which theoretically would help me not get as mad, when I talked to the pharmacist on the phone.  It worked.  Giant Eagle Pharmacy is going to fill my prescription (or so they say), by Thursday afternoon.  Forget about the fact that I’ve been having an allergic reaction to the one I’ve been taking in the meantime for the past three weeks – apparently nobody seems to mind about that except for me.  Sigh.  Hope your days are going better over there ;0)  xo

Ohh!  On a much much lighter note…for anyone who wants to learn about mental illness in the most fun manner possible and imaginable (!!), go see Disney’s new movie Frozen!!!!!!!  So good!

For the mental-health cliffnotes breakdown:

Anna – me, manic;

Elsa – me, depressed;


Hans – my ex-husband (hah! yay Disney!!); and

Kristoff – TBD…actually, I already know…but I haven’t finished writing Cultivating Beauty yet (my book), so I don’t want to reveal my secret bahhhhhahahahha ;0)

No seriously, it’s totally worth the hour and a half, and it will teach you everything you need to know about mental illness (or, at least bipolar…) and how to heal it.  People ask me all the time what I do to cope and what helps best.  Here’s the answer, for you–

The best thing I can do to help myself with being bipolar is to refuse to be anything other than myself, the one and only.  Because what hurts me most is being two separate people, loving the manic social happy bubbly productive warm side of myself, and hating the depressed super-sad anti-social blue icy side of myself – that’s bad.  What’s good is loving myself as my one whole being.  Disney’ll show you why ;0)  Go see it!  It healed me, and I bet it’ll warm your heart right up too ;0)