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Hi all…I loathe using that term because I’m not from the South and so it doesn’t come naturally and I feel silly using it thereforehowever, I’d typically say “hi guys” and since I’m speaking to men and women and girls and boys or whomever, either gender, that doesn’t really seem right either.  So I guess lol…hello people!

I hope your mornings are all going well thus far.  I put this video together just to say thanks for all the support you each have given me thus far.  This is a difficult process, and I’m learning it’s likely to be a lengthy one as well, and I couldn’t otherwise have ever gotten this far without you, so I wanted to let you know how important you are.  You’re making a difference in my life, just being the wonderful people that you are, and I just thought you should know that.  Thank you for being who you are —