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Hi guys…I’m realizing a huge part of being an advocate for the mentally ill is going to be sharing my own personal experience in being bipolar with others to help them understand better what it means to be mentally “ill”.  I say “ill”, because I don’t believe I am really ill at all, as result of being bipolar — I believe I am ill because of our sociological soul sickness (look at the newspaper) and because of the great misunderstanding everyone has regarding mental illness.  Trust me, it’s super confusing for others, but it’s really pretty confusing for me a lot of the time too.

I think what it really means to be “mentally ill”, at least for me, in my experience with bipolar “disorder”, is that I have a brain that functions and processes information differently than the “normal” brain.  And I believe because of that, I have a whole different set of strengths and weaknesses than a “normal” person.  I really loathe all of these terms you know, but I didn’t create them, and I haven’t figured out how to phrase it all more constructively yet, so excuse the quotations if you wouldn’t mind for now.

So, I wanted to start a video series on what it means to be bipolar, in any case, I can speak to that because I am it.  And I was wondering, if anyone has any questions regarding the disorder, if you could comment them or email them to me at ke8low@gmail.com.  I will use them to answer in videos that I’ll post on this blog.  I am an open book, literally, I’m writing it right as you read these words!  No seriously, you can ask me anything.  I don’t mind.  I might not answer all of them right away, depending on how much thought I’ve given each to date and can speak to intelligently, but in time…  Let me know!  Thanks!