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Hi everyone.  Here’s another video wherein I speak about my fear of speaking (hah), and work on getting over it by you said it, speaking!  Nahh…I mean, that’s true, but in this one I talk about what I am learning over here in this legislative process, namely, the game, and then about how I don’t feel I’m learning it quickly enough.  I made a couple mis-steps these past couple of weeks in targeting two specific individuals, who I feel (i.e. opinion) are not working towards the greater “good” in our little charade of a political game we have going on, so I called them out.  And then I learned that perhaps, that’s not one of the most effective maneuvers to play out in this game, except maybe in a worst-case-scenario or throw-in-the-kitchen-sink last-chance-bet situation or whatever, I mean who the h-ll knows you know!?

Well, not I.  I do not know.  Well, no, no…I know now, but I didn’t know before.  Luckily, I think I’ll be alright on three counts.  No.1, I’m a rookie and everyone knows that, so I think these two instances were my get-out-of-jail-free cards.  I mean, I could be wrong, but speaking to the mis-step with the senator to be specific, brings us to no.2 — he could sue me for slander perhaps, if that is what it was, which I neither admit nor deny because I would have to go back and look at the specific language and look up the specific elements of slander in Black’s Law Dictionary (which I really should do anyways now, come to think of it ;0) blah blah blah, but in either case, he could sue me if he really wanted to I guess, but it would be pointless whether it was slander or not, because I am asset-less and then also he would become, the big bad pharmacist with the drug companies in his back pocket, suing the mentally “ill” girl who made an innocent mistake just after she’d gotten let go from her employment and when she was having an allergic reaction to a medication and stressed out because her legislators would like to remove her civil rights for absolutely no good reason…  Come to writing it out…maybe I shouldn’t even be writing that, but whatever, you get what I mean.  Get-out-of-jail-free card now, but probably not if it happens again.  So that’s a little pressure there, but I don’t know, what fun would this all be without something at stake I suppose?  Who knows…

And then no.3 I cannot remember right now because of my long rambling execution of nos. 1 and 2 above…I’ll be amazed if anyone even reads this, let alone responds hah…

Anyways, I’m just practicing speaking over here, so if you care to listen and have any feedback, fire away (constructively though, please, I do have feelings)…  I’m hoping to get better because my ohhh my do we have a big ‘ol mess on our hands over here with this whole mental “illness” issue going on, and we need someone to sort it all out.  I’d like to be that person.  Hence the practicing…alright, I’m gonna go now…, but here’s the video if you’re interested:

This one’s kinda long, it’s going to take forever to upload, but I talk about my mistakes and what I learned this week, so it’s not all for naught, … or at least, that is my hope.  Okay, here ya go!  —

FOLLOW UP — Ohh boy…so many umm’s and uhhhh’s!!!  Practice, practice!!!