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Hi everyone.  Today has been a better day.  I made a video specifically for all of you who reached out to me in response to yesterday’s video – to say thanks ;0)  I talked to my psychologist yesterday which was helpful, and I got a ton of rest which was also very helpful, and now I just wanted to give you a shout out to say thanks.

The way that I felt yesterday, how down I was, that’s called a state of “depression”, which had just followed a manic state.  I have a form of Bipolar I Disorder that involves what they call “rapid cycling”, which means I experience the manic highs and the depressive lows often, and oftentimes very closely together too, without any relief of “normalcy” in between.  So yesterday was on the downswing of mania to depression, but surprisingly (and thankfully), today is a pretty normal one as far as mood goes.  I know, it’s weird.  You’ll see.  I also got my hair cut today, so you’ll see that too ;0)  Thank you guys for all of your support and concern.  So many people go through this process all alone, including myself in past years – it’s nice to not be hiding in the closet anymore, and it means a lot that people care.