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Well…as was suspected, the Ohio House Judiciary Committee passed Substitute H.B.104 out of their committee tonight, for whatever reasons, I don’t want to cause any defamationyou know, so we’ll just keep it to that.

I found out about the committee’s decision via this gloating email “forward” from a proponent of this bill, which proposes to force unwanted treatment upon mentally ill individuals.  This is a woman who wants this law to be named after her son, who died running straight into oncoming traffic trying to escape police who wanted to catch him so they could force him into unwanted treatment for his mental illness — incompetent mental-health medical treatment as is proposed under this Substitute H.B.104, as no funding has been appropriated to the bill nor have any measures been proposed to be put into place to increase the overall competency of Ohio’s mental-health medical network.  I’ll leave it at that, as well.

In accordance with same, this is my shout out to the Ohio House Judiciary Committee, should they ever open their minds wide enough to see: