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Hello everyone:

Senator David Burke is trying to pass a law here in Ohio (Senate Bill 43) that will force mentally ill individuals to take medications they do not want to take.  Senator Burke is a pharmacist, and he represents the best interests of insurance companies and drug companies, not the best interests of our mentally ill population whose civil rights will be removed without cause as a result of this legislation.  Consequently, it seems everyone else in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate have been silenced, for fear of the same backlash I have now been caused (see video at bottom of post).

I need help.  If anyone has any contacts with the media or otherwise any ideas to help fight for our cause, please contact me as soon as possible at ke8low@gmail.com or your media outlet to see if you can get a story going.  I don’t know how this all works, but there is a hearing on the matter in the Ohio House this Wednesday night at 4pm and things are moving quickly, hence the dire need for help.

You can also contact Senator Burke to express you displeasure with his motives at his Ohio Statehouse office at (614) 466-8049 or email him at burke@ohiosenate.gov.  It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or what you say or how you say it to Senator Burke, just so long as you say something as to his disinterest in protecting our mentally ill populations’ civil rights just so he can get more money in his pocket.  Or really anything else, that will help fuel the flame against his disgusting self-interest and cruel intent.

Thank you guys for all of your support to-date.  Please take the time if you have any available to offer right now.  This is a matter of grave importance for our mentally ill population here in Ohio and all abroad as well.

Thanks so much,