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Well, I did alright…  Actually, I think I did better than alright…  I’m pretty sure of it, but it’s too soon to tell for certain.  Here’s what happened:

I had submitted this document as my “written testimony” in opposition to this legislation they have proposed to take my civil rights away simply because I am an individual who was born with a “mental illness” which has resulted in some “trouble” (we won’t say who caused it yet…), wherein my tone is umm…a lit-tle bit angry if you know what I mean:


And when I say angry, I mean angry in terms of having been discriminated against for 32-years, for an illness, which these others who have been discriminating against me for, both at once deny that I have, and at the very same time discriminate against me for having.  For this “illness”…as they’ve deemed it…

I spoke with someone today, and I do hope she doesn’t read this in a way, because I really don’t want others to be afraid to speak with me because I write about my experiences online, but anyways, that’s not going to stop me from speaking the truth…but anyways

This person, after I described to her what happened last night…well, this is what I said to this person (revised slightly to protect the privacy blah blah blah…):

“…I was really, really tired last night, and when I’m exhausted like that, my mood drops quickly in a short span of time a significant way down the ladder, and I get symptomatic depressively-speaking, and that’s where I was at when I [spoke with you last] — experiencing severe anxiety.  Anyways, just wanted to let you know, that when I speak…, what I have to say [isn’t always] so totally uninspired.  I was just feeling pretty low…”

To which she responded [and I really loathe that I’m writing this right now, but please know person, if you ever do read this, it was necessary to make a very, very important point that billions of other “normal” persons trip up on too]…

“No worries.  I have days like that too!”

I hate myself right now for writing this because this person is very nice — I’m doing so anyways, though, to make the point to “normal” persons that there is perhaps no greater insult and disrespect you can pay to a “mentally ill” person, in saying that you “know what that feels like” or that you’ve “felt that way too“, or the million other different ways that you phrase it.

YOU DON’T.  Trust me…you really don’t.  I mean, you may in terms of the particular feeling, but you do not in terms of the severity with which we feel those feelings.  You just have to trust me on this one for now until we have better research to show you…but really, it’s true, you don’t…

And I forgive every “normal” one to-date for making this mistake, because they just don’t know.  And so much I think people just ignore, but this is actually not one of those things…I just really, really think that “normal” people innocently do not know how great a disrespect they pay us when they say this to us.  So here’s my call out to all normal people:

Please know, from now on.  Please recognize and acknowledge, that you really don’t have any idea at all.  That’s the only way we are going to begin to bridge this gap that so presently exists between us…

Ohh and PS — I’m not actually, being sensitive…it’s really that disrespectful, when you do that.