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I love my brother “Caleb” dearly.  He’s just about 13-1/2 months older than me, and we used to fight like cats and dogs when we were little and it was horrible.  But we’re really pretty great friends now, so when we do fight these days, that’s pretty horrible.  And that’s what happened here…

A few weeks back, I posted this on Facebook (I know…it’s like, why don’t I just get the f@#k off of FB already huh?!!), after which Caleb and I went out for dinner one night and he told me he thought doing so was slightly “vain”:

On Vanity

It really bothered me then, that he’d said this about me and actually thought this about me, and it has ever since that day as well.  And then shortly thereafter, I spoke with my mother about it, and she really quite just reiterated Caleb’s same thoughts…which really got me to…

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