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This is what I’ve learned of evil — their greatest tools are smoke and mirrors.  They do not want other human beings to see how heinous are their cruel intentions and how inhumane is the nature of their ongoing choice of action.  That’s why transparency of the intent through explicit analysis of their words and actions to-date is the one and only effective method for slaying this evil.

As so, as it follows, my intention for this website is as follows:

To cast light upon the Ohio state legislative and “special interest” mental health “advocacy” groups here in Ohio, that are involved in the debate surrounding Ohio Senate Bill 43 (S.B.43 from hereon out) which is currently pending in the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee for consideration to become a matter of law here in Ohio.  S.B.43 proposes that the government be permitted in nearly all cases to step in to the life of a person who’s been labeled “mentally illl”, and legally remove their civil right and liberty to make their own medical and treatment plan decisions, regardless of any immediate threat of harm to any human being.  S.B.43 would allow the government to strip an individual of his/her civil rights as a mere result of having been diagnosed with a mental illness.

I do not believe this course of action is just, and so then accordingly, my intention for this website is as follows:

To work to find out in person, and then illuminate here in writing for you and I, the true intentions of these legislators and special interest mental-health advocacy groups.  You’d think they’d all have the same goal — to help those who suffer from mental illness get the help that they need to overcome and be productive and contributing members of society.  But it’s all political.  From my limited experience to-date (which I will go back and document on here for you as well), that is simply not the case.  They all have personal agendas, oftentimes disgusting ones, heinous to the actual cause.  So I will work to illuminate the truth of these intentions to the best of my ability as my first prompt to action here on Jane Says.

As a caveat though, please do keep in mind that in working with evil, they will often work to hide from me the truth of the matter.  As a result, often the information I will present here will constitute only my best educated and intuitional guess.  I am and will continue to try to the best of my ability on this website, to keep the emotion out, so that I may enable myself to see clearly through their smoke and mirrors…but I must admit, I am too only a human being, and so faulty with mistake at times.  At those times, I make a promise to you now, that I will admit them and make amends as the situation necessitates.